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The Gangsta Dog Story


 People always ask about our name, "Gangsta Dog" and where we came up with the idea.  We originally bought two pure breed Norwich Terriers from two different breeders.  We received papers on both pups.  Our female turned out to be only 25% Norwich and 75% Cairn Terrier.  Our male, on the other hand, turned out to simply be a mixed breed pup whose tail was docked and sold as a purebred.  He was supposed to only be twelve pounds when he matured.  At eighteen months he weighed a whopping eighteen pounds.  We had his DNA done and the results are shown above.

When we would be out with him, everyone would comment on how handsome he was and would ask about his breed.  Instead of saying he was a mutt or mongrel we would simply reply, "He's a Gangsta Dog!"  It caught on and our company was born.  Since then we have adopted two Yorkshire Terriers rescued from a puppy mill.  They kind of broke out of the "big house" making them Gangsta Dogs too!

Great Stuff for Good Dogs


 Our best friends give us unconditional love their entire lives.  They live with us, wait for us, and enjoy nothing more than our companionship.  We believe that when our companions gives that much of themselves that we shouldn't think twice about giving them something back that they enjoy.

We set out to create the most authentic, flavorful, and all-natural dog treats.  We thoroughly test all of our treats to ensure all dogs find them incredibly tasty.  We truly make great stuff for really good dogs!  Oh, and some products for their people too!

About Our Products


Every baked good is mixed, rolled, and cut by hand.  We even make our own oat flour.  Once baked our cookies go into a dehydrator to remove residual moisture, creating a cookie with staying power without the use of preservatives.  We never use chemicals or artificial ingredients in any of our cookies.  Our dog food is selected based on nutritional value and for what it supplies to your dog.  We get our food fresh and bag it per order.   We don't mass produce.  Our focus is on providing the freshest, and finest products for your dog.  No exceptions!