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About Us


Why 'Gangsta Dog?'

 We are always asked, "What's a Gangsta Dog?"  The story is as fun as it is frustrating.  Our ideas came from our male dog, Bruiser.  He is our logo, our inspiration for the name, our all natural dog treats, food, shirts, and even our wine accessories.  You'll find his likeness on all our dog supplies  throughout our dog bakery.  He's the most famous dog in all of Louisville!


Our Bakery

 At Gangsta Dog, we are a full service dog bakery and make every cookie by hand.  Our cookie cutters are chosen to match our Gangsta theme.  Some of our cutters are antique, some are custom made.  But our cookies are always all natural dog treats made with as many local ingredients as we can find. Our dog food is as wholesome as our cookies.  We never use fillers, gluten, beef, or chicken (three major dog allergens) in our food. None of our products contains artificial flavors or colors.  We also carry a full line of dog supplies.


Dogs with Special Needs

Over the years we have developed special recipes for dogs with special needs.  We have all natural dog treats for dogs with food allergies, Vitamin C cookies for aging dogs, CBD oil for dogs afraid of storms, those with seizures or those who are ill.  And, our food is focused on being as allergy free as we can possibly make it.  But we aren't just a dog bakery.  We carry a full line of dog supplies.